Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bridge Blog 759: Nothing lasts forever

Especially a streak. I knew mine was doomed in the first hands I played Monday with Barbara Sadkin at the Airport Bridge Club. We drew the initial sit-out and started playing with three straight disasters, including a board fouled by the first table that played it. Amazingly, we recovered to post a 49.35% game. Take away those first three hands and it would have been 53.04%, enough to continue the streak.
Nothing could have saved me on Tuesday, however. Playing with Joyce Greenspan, I rediscovered my love for seven-card suits and my penchant for bidding them up too far. Within two rounds, I’d registered a score I hadn’t posted in quite a while – a minus 1,100, down four doubled vulnerable.
Turns out that wasn’t a bottom board. Somebody else bid a slam. Our only bottom of the day involved another highly-distributional, highly-competitive hand against John Kirsits and Linda Wynes. Linda opened a minor suit. With them vulnerable and us not, I jumped to 4 Hearts, having seven of them, A-K-J-10-x-x-x, figuring I was good for 7 or 8 tricks. John bid 4 No Trump. Linda bid her Aces. John went to 6 Spades. I bid 7 Hearts. He finishes with 7 Spades. If it were No Trump, I would have doubled. But not in Spades. John didn’t have any Hearts. Linda was void in Clubs. John raked in all 13 tricks for a score of 2,210. Our only consolation – we weren’t dead last, though it looked like we were at first. The correction of a scoring error lifted us to seventh place among eight North-Souths with 42.86%.

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