Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bridge Blog 751: Updating the monthly races (or not)

It’s the sixth of the month and the ACBL’s tally of master point races has been updated. Let’s see where we stand.
First, let’s go to Western New York Unit 116 (Buffalo and environs) for the Ace of Clubs list, which is only the points earned in club play.
In my division, the 1,000 to 2,500 point group, I’m ninth this month with a paltry 13.38. This, however, does not include the 7.68 from the Airport Bridge Club. Son of a b----. Club manager Bill Finkelstein appears to have missed the deadline. Again. Add those absent points and I’m in fifth place with 21.06. Here’s the list as it stands without results from the Airport Club:
Fred Yellen, 29.88; Ken Meier, 24.24; Gene Finton, 22.44; John Ziemer, 16.41; Claire Gareleck, 16.29; Cathy Majewski, 15.99; Elaine Kurasiewicz, 15.19; Anne Watkins, 13.99; myself, and Carolyn Siracuse, 13.05.
OK, despite the fact that results are incomplete, let’s go over to the Mini-McKenney, which records all the points you get from clubs and tournaments together.
Here I’m not even on the list, since the ACBL thinks I have 17.22 points overall and I actually have 24.90. Here are the top 10 (asterisks indicate other players shortchanged by the Airport Club):
Fred Yellen, 35.47; Ken Meier, 29.60*; Gene Finton, 28.65; David Hemmer, 24.96; Chongmin Zhang, 23.24; John Ziemer, 19.53*; Eugene Harvey, 18.77; Cathy Majewski, 18.63; Elaine Kurasiewicz, 18.44*; Anne Watkins, 17.84*. I should be sixth.
Is there any point at looking at the top 25 for the District 5 (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh)? Well, just to note the top players, I suppose. The Ace of Clubs list is led by James Gray from Murrysville, Pa., with 39.53, followed by Steven Nolan of Pittsburgh with 31.48 and Joane DiAntonio of Sewickley, Pa., with 31.34. Fred Yellen is fourth. The 25 th player has 18.76. If my full 21.06 were credited, I’d be 17th.
Over on the District 5 Mini-McKenney, the leader once again is Michael Craeger of Brecksville, Ohio, with 124.51, followed by Fleur Howard of Gates Mills, Ohio, with 114.43; Peter Merker of Mentor, Ohio, with 87.55; and the aforementioned James Gray with 60.75. The only Buffalo representative on the whole 25-name list is Fred Yellen. He’s 18th. Cut-off point is 32.87.
Nationally, top people in the 1,000 to 2,500 point category include:
Ace of Clubs: Sanford Robbins, Miami Lakes, Fla, 118.31; Kenneth Wagner Jr., Hollywood, Fla., 81.75; Larry Lazarow, Highland Beach, Fla., 81.02; Maryse Hambrick of Saint-Laurent, Quebec, 74.87; and John Petrie of Long Beach, Calif., 71.16. No District 5 players are on the list. It cuts off at 46.33.
Mini-McKenney: Vinta Gupta, Woodside, Calif., 273.93; John McAllister, Charlottesville, Va., 234.72; Jay  Barron, Tulsa, Okla., 222.64; Robert Micone, Tustin, Calif., 194 even; Sylvia Shi, Baltimore, 176.83. Of the District 5 players, Michael Craeger is 36th and Fleur Howard is 53rd. The list cuts off at 95.07.

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