Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bridge Blog 747-B: Point hounds

It was last Saturday when Judi Marshall pulled out her datebook, showed me how she keeps running totals of all the master points she earns and lamented that she wasn’t going to reach 10 for the month of March. I’d just checked the updated master point race list on the bulletin board at the Airport Bridge Club and conceded that I wasn’t going to reach 10 either.
We sure miss those double- and triple-point games. At that moment, I had 7.19 and Judi had 7.92. Ahead of us were John Ziemer with 8.23, Jim Mathis with 9.06 and the only double-digit winner, Jerry Geiger, with 10.41.
If I’m not mistaken, Judi won on Saturday. Marietta Kalman and I were second overall and first in the B strat with 52.78% for 0.49 of a point. Judi won another 0.66 of a point on Sunday, despite her initial reluctance to play Swiss teams without knowing who the other half of the team would be. And then she came out on top again Monday. Maybe she made it after all.
If I’m calculating correctly from the numbers in my datebook, my totals for March include the 7.68 from the Airport Club and my winnings with Selina Volpatti in St. Catharines – 0.70 at the St. Patty’s Day party on March 15; 0.36 at the March 21 game and another 0.40 for our 53.67% game March 28 (see Blog 747-C). That would be 1.46. For the month, a little over 9.

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