Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bridge Blog 747-A: Attitude adjustment

I’ve got to dial in some more Zen acceptance, because I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting edgy and impatient recently. Impatient with the slow arrival of Spring. Edgy over the way my editors at the Buffalo News have decided to send me out almost every night to cover events.
I feel it at the bridge table too. It’s like a knot of frustration. It tightened for a while when Bob Kaprove and I weren’t connecting in our bids at the beginning of our 47.69% game Monday. It reappeared Tuesday as Joyce Greenspan and I struggled to an almost as good 46.73%, which left us tied for bottom.
And it swelled to occasionally gigantic proportions Wednesday as Celine Murray didn’t lead the suits I bid in defense, when she blew a slam we bid by losing track of trump and when she hit my 2 No Trump opener with a 4 No Trump response when she should have transferred me toward her six-card Spade suit.
Correct that stuff and we’d have finished around 55% and collected a fraction of a point. Despite it, we finished just out of the money with a 49.58%. Oh well, better days are ahead. I’ve just got to remember to keep my gratitude and sense of humor ahead of my expectations.

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