Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bridge Blog 755: Doubled up

I was reminded how much I miss double-point games when one of them made an infrequent appearance Wednesday at the Airport Bridge Club. Thanks to a unit game crosstown at the Bridge Center of Buffalo, the unit sanction applied.
Not that I had much hope of taking advantage of it when I arrived to play with Wednesday partner Celine Murray. She’s been driving her partners crazy with her off-the-wall bidding this week. But for some reason, she was well within the limits this time and I restrained myself from doing anything too outrageous, as well. No serious mistakes, we agreed as we entered the final rounds in a 4½-table Howell movement. The result was a 57.64% game, half a game point behind the leaders. Second overall in this session was worth 1.6 points. Thanks to those double points, this more than doubled my total winnings at the club for the month.
P.S.: Out of curiosity, I checked the BCB website to see the results over there and found no indication at all that it was a special game, although the Unit 116 website says it was supposed to be. In an eight-table Mitchell movement, Judi Marshall and John Ziemer were winners, as they likely would have been if they played at the Airport Club, but that only got them 0.80 of a point.

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