Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bridge Blog 754: Not exactly an April shower

This cruelest month isn’t exactly raining down winnings. After priming the pump with the 2.13 silver points in the sectional tournament, my club play came up dry almost all last week.
The exception was my Monday game with Barbara Sadkin, where our 52.78% was fourth overall and brought us 0.35 of a point. After that, it was 48.38% with Flo Boyd on Tuesday, 43.75% with Celine Murray on Wednesday, a painful 41.12% with Dianne Bloom on Thursday and a disappointing 41.92% in an extra point session in St. Catharines, Ont., with Selina Volpatti on Friday.
Can you blame me for taking the weekend off to begin cleaning the yard of its winter wreckage and catch up with some social obligations?
The time off apparently was a tonic. June Feuerstein and I turned in a 60.51% game on Monday, earning .40 of a point. Then Barbara Sadkin recovered from a late flight home from Passover in Chicago to join me in a 62.73% game Tuesday, second North-South for .63 of a point. Despite that, the month is half over and it’s still pretty dry – only about 3½ points.

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  1. April showers bring May flowers, at least I suppose, in some regions ... I did a little research to investigate where this phrase originated and what exactly it means, .... In no time the cabin was warm and cosy, despite an outside ...