Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bridge Blog 753: Extremely belated sectional notes

The visitors did pretty well at the Buffalo Spring Sectional back on April 4 to 6. Although local players held down six of the top 10 spots among the point leaders, the out-of-towners had 12 of the top 20.
Here are our leading local master point winners and their positions among the top 30:
Chris Urbanek, 16.17, first.
Bud Seidenberg, 14.87, second.
Fred Yellen, 11.85, sixth.
Jay Levy, 10.37, eighth.
Saleh Fetouh, 10.20, ninth.
Davis Heussler, 9.95, tenth.
Peter Shui, 8.07, 13th.
Bill Rushmore, 7.58, 15th.
Donna Steffan, 6.54, 21st.
Kathy Pollock, 6.29, 22nd.
Jim Gullo, 5.67, 25th.
Stan Kozlowski, 5.54, 26th.
Ten-Pao Lee, 5.37, 27th.
Judy Graf, 5.32, 28th.
Joan Rose, 5.25, 29th.
Penny Shui, 5.22, 30th.
In all, 174 players got points (up from 147 a year ago) and the tournament logged 157 tables (up from 139 last year). Me? My 2.13 points put me pretty much in the middle of the list. 81st.

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