Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bridge Blog 760: April aggregated

Yes, my first double-digit month this year. 10.64, to be exact. And since the Airport Bridge Club has reported in time to be included in the ACBL’s tabulations this month, the 2014 totals are up to date, as well. Total points for the year so far – 38.29. Ace of Clubs points for club play only – 32.32. Not great, though. At this pace, I’ll barely bring home 100 for the year.
Nevertheless, there should be honest placements in the ACBL master point lists for the first time in a few months. Let’s see who’s where in the 1,000 to 2,500 point division, beginning with Unit 116 (Buffalo). OK, I’m in sixth place in standings that include two snowbirds who haven’t come home yet – David Millward, who’s on top of the list with 60.59 Florida points, and Pinky Regan, who’s tenth with 20.43 from the Sunshine State.
The rest goes like this – Fred Yellen, 41.37; John Ziemer, 36.59; Ken Meier, 36.15; Mike Silverman, 33.69; Gene Finton, 26.10; Vince Pesce, 23.57; and Clare Gareleck, 20.90.
Over on the Mini-McKenney, which includes all points earned everywhere, once again David Millward is on top with 68.12, followed by David Hemmer, 61.03; Fred Yellen, 58.81; Chongmin Zhang, 50.27; Ken Meier, 44.77; John Ziemer, 44.70; myself, 38.29; Mike Silverman, 36.66; Gene Finton, 33.15; and Elaine Kurasiewicz, 25.95.
Of note: The only Unit 116 player to top 100 points overall so far this year is Saleh Fetouh, with 104.98.
How do we Buffalo players fare against the rest of District 5, which includes Cleveland, Pittsburgh and pieces of West Virginia and Maryland? Well, it’s nothing like the dominance we demonstrated in previous years.
There are six of us among the Ace of Clubs Top 25 in the 1,000 to 2,500 point division. David Millward’s 60.59 is tops here, too, followed by James Gray of Murrysville, Pa., who has 49.13. Fred Yellen is third. John Ziemer is sixth. Ken Meier is seventh. Mike Silverman is ninth. And I’m the last local on the list in 12th place.
The Mini-McKenney is more competitive. Michael Creager of Brecksville, Ohio, continues on top with 155.81, followed by Fleur Howard of Gates Mills, Ohio, with 155.62; and Peter Merker of Mentor, Ohio, with 137.74. David Millward’s 68.12 puts him seventh. David Hemmer is 14 th. Fred Yellen is 15th. Chongmin Zhang is 19th. And Ken Meier and John Ziemer hold down 24th and 25th, respectively. You need at least 44.70 to make the cut.
Do Buffalo players even register on the national Top 100? Let’s see. Big dog here is Sanford Robbins of Miami Lakes, Fla, with 150.51, well ahead of Larry Lazarow of Highland Beach, Fla., who’s got 105.69. David Millward doesn’t show up. You need 61.63 to make the list.
In the nationwide Mini-McKenney, the leaders are Vinita Gupta of Woodside, Calif., with 352.08; Robert Micone of Tustin, Calif., with 330.17; Sylvia Shi of Baltimore with 287.49; and Jay Barron of Tulsa, Okla., with 286.12. Michael Creager’s 155.81 is 52nd. You need at least 131.26 to land on this list.

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