Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bridge Blog 641: Stealth streak

            I hadn’t noticed, but I’ve been on a little streak here. I’ve been bagging points every day since my game with the lovely Diane Bloom last Thursday – fractional points each day at the sectional tournament, that big score with Marilyn Steffan on Monday, then low-grade increments with Celine Murray on Tuesday (52.40%, 0.34 point) and with Doug Dean on Wednesday (51.04%, 0.86 point).
          My aim with Diane Bloom is to have a relaxed and enjoyable game, and to bring our score up from the baseline of 42% in our first game together three weeks ago. But last week that didn’t happen. And this week it took a couple rounds to rein in that giddy feeling inspired by her black leather skirt and thigh-high black boots. Indeed, after our first two tables, we were at 26.08%.
          Then equilibrium arrived and, aside from a stumble or two – a poor round against her mentor, Jerry Geiger, and Jim Mathis – we had a respectable game. Take away those first couple tables and we were playing at 56%. But you can’t take those away. Our final tally was 44.39%, an incremental improvement at least. Diane was out the door before the results were announced, so she didn’t hear that score or the additional fact that, amazingly enough, we won a fraction of a point – 0.60 for coming in second in C East-West, third in C overall.
          That should bring my club total for the month to just over 15 and overall total to around 17. That’s double my total for last January and puts me within 10 points of 1,500.

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