Friday, January 11, 2013

Bridge Blog 632: Scrapbooking

             No turbocharged point awards in this week’s games at the Airport Bridge Club, just standard low-grade prizes, which means that one would need to win every day just to maintain a point-per-day average. Points came my way on four of the five days, but they came in scraps and fragments.  
            Monday brought 0.22 of a point with a 50.67% game with Marilyn Sultz that left us second in the B strat. Tuesday was slightly better playing with Ruth Hnath, who substituted after Marietta Kalman called in sick – 51.56%, second in B again, but 0.34 of a point, since it was a bigger game (8 tables vs. 6).
            Things perked up to 53.87% on Wednesday with Celine Murray, good for third in A, second in B and 0.35 of a point. Barbara Sadkin and I stumbled on Thursday, getting an endless stream of alternately bad and odd hands sitting North-South. I went down hard on a holding of eight Spades that I couldn’t resist bidding up to the six level. Doubled, of course. We finished 12th out of 15 pairs with 45.15%. Friday found Marilyn Sultz and me back on the beam, coming in second again with 54.85% and earning 0.56 points. Total for the week: 1.47. Total for the month: Only 5.35. That’s why I’m playing in the Swiss team game again this Sunday. That’s where the points are.

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