Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bridge Blog 639: Buffalo Winter Sectional Tournament Day 2

It was much steadier playing two sessions with Judy Kaprove on Saturday. Very, very steady. Maybe it had something to do with sitting in the same place at the same table in the morning and afternoon.
In the morning, with 26 tables playing, we finished with 51.08%, thanks to some torrid final two-hand rounds. That was 10th overall North-South, fifth in the B strat, netting us 0.47 of a silver point. In the afternoon, with 22 tables, we were almost as good, bringing home 50.11%, which was sixth in B, earning 0.32 silver. Add that to the 0.26 I collected playing with Celine Murray on  Friday and my silver point shavings now surpass one full point.
Though Judy and I had few complaints about one another’s efforts, we didn’t win the Kaprove strat. Her husband Bob, playing with Gaurang Sheth, was in the high 50% range East-West in both sessions. Meanwhile, Celine, playing with her daughter, Kathy Stamm, was one of the leaders in the morning session in the B and C strats East-West, earning around 2.5 points. Up there with them were my Sunday Swiss team teammates, Faith Perry and Florence Boyd. Here’s hoping some of that magic is contagious in Sunday’s finale.  

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