Monday, January 7, 2013

Bridge Blog 631: A pretty good year

2012 is in the record books now at the ACBL website. So let’s take a look-see at how we all did in the master point races for Unit 116 (Buffalo), District 5 (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh) and nationwide.
First of all, Ace of Clubs, which counts only those points earned in club play. I wound up with 197.06 for the year. In my section, which is for players with 1,000 to 2,500 points, that put me in second place in Unit 116, right behind John Ziemer, who had 200.53.
Just behind me are Mike Silverman with 193.30 and the ailing Carlton Stone, who stopped at 185.27. Liz Clark is fifth with 167.86, followed by Barbara Libby and Vince Pesce, tied for sixth with 141.97; Jim Gullo, the Bridge Center of Buffalo master point leader, with 137.12; Mike Ryan with 133.72 and Paul Libby with 127.01.
Looking over the other master point divisions, I see that only a couple players beside John Ziemer have more club points than me. Jerry Geiger has 279.22. Meg Klamp has 212.75. And that’s all.
Once again, Unit 116 dominates the District 5 Ace of Clubs race in the 1,000 to 2,500 point division. We hold eight of the top 10 positions – Francine Feldman, a Pittsburgh player with a Boca Raton, Fla., address, is fifth with 181.93 and Robert Maier of Morgantown, W.Va., is seventh with 144.79. In all, we have 12 of the Top 25, with Carolyn Siracuse 17th with 121.64 and Judy Padgug 19th with 111.63. Gene Finton seems to have dropped out of the Top 25, which cuts off at 96.92.
On the national level, us four leading Unit 116 guys are on the Top 100. Overall leader is good old Charlie Christmas of Tallahassee, Fla., with 332.83, followed by J. R. Melis of Seal Beach, Calif., with 314.36; Kenneth Wagner Jr. of Hollywood, Fla., with 306.38; and John Petrie of Long Beach, Calif., with 305.46. They’re the only ones over 300. John Ziemer is tied for 43rd with Serge Mercille of Vanier, Ont. I’m 52nd, between Jay Shahani of Columbia, S.C. (198.12) and Fran Mann (love that name) from Longboat Key, Fla. (196.68). Mike Silverman is 60th and Carlton Stone is 78th. The list cuts off at 178 even.
OK, onward to the Mini-McKenney, which counts all the points you earn in club play and tournaments. My total for the year is 244.93, but that actually should be 247.53, since my second-place finish with Dotty May in the Unit 116 annual meeting game isn’t included.
Not that the omission makes any difference at the local level. I’m in fifth place no matter what. Leader is John Ziemer with 363.76. Good work, John! Judy Padgug is runner-up with 292.38. Dian Petrov has 284.16 and Mike Ryan comes in with 271.44. After me are Jim Gullo, 228.05; Mike Silverman, 222.66; Liz Clark, 216.33; Carlton Stone, 214.98; and Barbara Libby, 167.14.
Again, aside from the four players ahead of me in my division, not many Buffalonians had more overall points. The eminent Dan Gerstman leads the pack with 568.37, followed by Jerry Geiger, 451.80; Meg Klamp, 293.15; Chris Urbanek, 277.98; Fred Yellen, 273.74; and Jay Levy, 271.22.
On the District 5 level, I’m 12th. Leader is Michael Craeger of Brecksville, Ohio, with a steep 691.16, almost twice as much as John Ziemer, who is second. Judy Padgug is fifth. Dian Petrov is sixth. Mike Ryan is eighth. Jim Gullo is 16th. Mike Silverman is 20th. Liz Clark is 23rd. Carlton Stone is 24th. Nine of us in the Top 25. Nice. The list cuts off at 209.37.
Things get really steep on the national Top 100. Leader is Stephen Apodaca of Santa Fe, N.M., with 823.23, followed by James Gross of Lee’s Summit, Mo., with 733.66. Our Michael Craeger is third. And that’s all for District 5. Last guy on the list has 339.50. Note on Jan. 15: Wrong! John Ziemer points out that he has made the Top 100 with his total of 363.76. And indeed he has. He's 70th.

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