Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bridge Blog 629: Pay dirt

            Joyce Greenspan is always a formidable opponent. Turns out she’s a formidable partner too. I’m paired with her Friday at the Airport Bridge Club and we waste no time heading for a good score. “You really killed us,” first-round opponent Dave Donaldson says as we await the final scores. He’s recalling the down-five doubled 4 Spade contract, but we prevail in all four hands against him and Faith Perry, taking 18 of a possible 24 game points.
            We end up with 62.18%, first in B and second overall in a 15-pair game, sandwiched in between first-place Barbara Libby and Jim Mathis and the third-place finishers, Barbara’s husband Paul with Mary Davey-Carr. Against the winners, we have 12.5 out of 24. Against the third-place team, we’re 15.5. So where do we stumble? Against the bumping pair, Dotty May and Celine Murray, where I play both hands and we get only 4 of 12. And against June Feuerstein and Judy Zeckhauser, who beat my double on their 3 Spade contract, which is one of our two bottom boards. No double points for our efforts, but second in A is worth 1.05. Get your datebook, Joyce says. Now we’ll have a couple more games in February.

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