Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bridge Blog 635: Full of holes

Our Swiss team was Swiss cheese Sunday at the Airport Bridge Club. Partner Marilyn Steffan and I took a couple rounds to get accustomed to each other, which could be expected, but we were having trouble finding game contracts and I was bidding and playing horribly. I was unable to cash tricks, miscommunicated my holdings more than usual and defended poorly. Our teammates, Larry and Dotty Soong, usually are sharp, but Larry was having an off day and they weren’t able to make up for our shortcomings.
We won just one of the four rounds before the break for lunch, so our fate was pretty much sealed by then. And we won only one of the three rounds after lunch. In both cases, our victories were at the expense of the two teams that finished below us.
Winning teams for the day, the two A teams and the top B team, got 2 and 3 points. We collected 0.23 for each of our successful rounds. Total for the month now – 6.66 points.

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