Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bridge Blog 624: Out with the old

            So I’m waiting outside Christopher & Banks for Monica to exchange something Saturday in the Boulevard Mall and who should stroll by but a bridge player – Michael Ryan. Am I playing in the Swiss teams Sunday, he asks. I’d like to, but no. Big party New Year’s Eve at our house. Big preparations.
            Indeed, the holidays once again played havoc with my quest for one point a day for the month. Only two games on Christmas Week – profitable ones, fortunately. There was a top finish at 58.13% with Cleveland Fleming on Christmas Eve Day, a day when I hadn’t prearranged a partner. That was good for 1.63 points. Then there was Friday with Nadine Stein, where our 52.92% gave us fourth place overall in a 6½ table game, the slightest fraction behind third-place Dotty May and Carolyn Siracuse (52.96%), for another .84 points.  That ought to lift the total for December to a little over 26 points and the total for the year to a little less than 250. Four more years like this and maybe it’ll be Gold Life Master before I hit the golden age of 75.

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