Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bridge Blog 625: First glances back

Looks like my pending points are already registered at the ACBL website – 25.98 for December. But are they all there? I don’t see anything from Unit 116 for that great game Dorothy May and I had at the annual meeting. Could be another 2.60 waiting in the wings. Which, of course, makes one wonder how come that unit game hasn’t been reported yet …
That would make my 2012 total something like 247.53. At the Airport Bridge Club, where the 2012 master point race totals already have been posted, I’m fourth on the list with 192.73. Jerry Geiger’s on top with 246.6, followed by Mike Silverman with 197.05 and John Ziemer with 194.46. Next behind me is Liz Clark with 166.45.

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