Monday, December 17, 2012

Bridge Blog 619: Not so blue Monday

I’m beginning to think that earning an average of a point a day should be my permanent goal. 365 a year. Not only is it a tidy concept, but it also would get me to Gold Life Master at least a couple years sooner than 2017, which is what I’ve been projecting.
But anything could happen between now and 2017, so let’s be grateful and take it day by day. Today, Monday, with Judy Zeckhauser, turned out to be upbeat. We felt good about making our initial 1 No Trump contract, even though it turned out to be a bottom board after all seven tables played it, and we were mostly decent on defense, also a good thing because we were on defense on 11 of the last 16 boards and 16 of 28 in all. We were 57.96% on defense overall and finished with 55.90%, second North-South, third overall for 1.59 master points. That brings the total for December to a rosy 19.07.
Speaking of rosy, Mike Silverman mentioned Monday that he was still glowing over our Swiss team sweep on Sunday (Blog 618). How sweeping was it? I’ve dug out my scorecard to see. Scoring in International Match Points, in the morning we won 15-7, 7-1 and 32-0. In the afternoon, we were just as dominant, winning 20-3, 13-1 and 16-11. Guess I’m still glowing too.

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