Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bridge Blog 610: Looking ahead to last month

One day away from the new postings for the master point races on the ACBL website and I fear that the slump that’s engulfed me since mid-November will cost me position.
My pending points, November’s totals, amount to 16.95. For the year so far, that would raise my overall Mini-McKenney score to 218.95, with 184.45 Ace of Clubs points.
Chances are I’m still fifth in the Unit 116 Mini-McKenney and won’t catch fourth-place Mike Ryan at all this year. He had 233.18 as of the end of October. In the Unit 116 Ace of Clubs, I had visions of overtaking first-place Carlton Stone and I may have done it, since I was trailing him by less than a point. As goes the Unit, so goes District 5. Big question is whether I stay ahead of John Ziemer. He was only 8.47 points behind me and he’s been winning a lot.

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