Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bridge Blog 615: We're Number One!!!

         First in the district in the STaC (Sectional Tournament in the Clubs), that’s where Celine Murray and I wound up as a result of Friday afternoon’s 69.05% game. What’s it worth? What’s our bonus? An even 7 silver points. We’ll take it. With my fractional winnings earlier in the week, the STaC total is 9.67, which turns out to be better than my summer STaC effort of 9.28.
          No such luck Friday morning. Selina Volpatti and I had 60.36%, a good game in normal competition, but not in the STaC. We needed at least 62.23%. As for Bud Seidenberg and Jay Costello with their awesome 74.7%, they were first, a bigger first than we were in the afternoon. 11.33 points,
          No luck Saturday either. I had a couple next-to-last efforts, a wimpy 41.67% with Marietta Kalman in the morning, an even more pathetic 38.89% in the afternoon with Sharon Chang. Sunday will find Sharon and me paired up for STaC Swiss teams, where perhaps we’ll be luckier.

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