Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bridge Blog 609: Still on the skids

        After the brilliant performance with Dotty May on Sunday at the Unit 116 annual meeting and game (where corrections revised our score to 63.01%), my slump has gone back into effect for STaC (Sectional Tournament at the Clubs) Week.
        Despite high hopes for a silver-point romp with Selina Volpatti on Monday, we were victims of our trick-costing mistakes and overbidding. In the morning session, where we took 13 of the 20 auctions, we managed a meager 44.38%. The afternoon showed just as much aggressive bidding – we took 16 of the 24 contracts – but not enough improvement. Our 48.92% was one place short of earning points.
        I had similar ambitions for my two sessions Tuesday with Beverly Dale, who I haven’t played with since she suffered broken ribs a couple months back. The morning session found us a little out of synch, registering a feeble 38.81% game which put us next to last North-South. Like Monday, the afternoon was better, but still insufficient – 46.82%, eighth out of 11 North-Souths.
        Wednesday partner Celine Murray said it would be OK if we only played one session when she called Tuesday night, but I insisted on two. Sometimes we’ve done well in the STaC, hitting that magic 60% level and earning District 5 bonus points.
These, alas, were not those times. The morning game, where we ground out defense in 14 out of 21 miserable holdings, yielded us only a 46.25% game. Miraculously, it was good for second in the B strat and 0.74 of a silver point. No miracles in the afternoon, though. Though we got many more biddable situations, our fortunes declined to 42.36%, third from the bottom among seven North-Souths.

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