Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bridge Blog 617: Unorthodox

          There’s another point-a-day phenomenon happening here in December, but not in the usual manner. It doesn’t involve Ace of Clubs points.
          On the updated master point list at the Airport Bridge Club, my total is 6.03 points for the month, 4.78 of them silver from STaC week. But that doesn’t count my district bonus points from the STaC last Friday. I earned 10.37 silver points overall. So add another 5.59, making 11.62. And then there was the Unit 116 annual meeting and game, where Dotty May and I earned 2.60 points. So it’s 14.22.  
          Now if I could only achieve something in club play. Barbara Sadkin and I had a rollicking old time Thursday playing North-South at the Airport club, making slams, doubling people and setting them. But for every top board, we had a bottom one. We wound up with exactly 50%, a fraction of a percent behind the point-winning second-place B pair.
One less mistake and we’d be those point-winning runners-up. For instance, that hand that Barb wouldn’t let me forget about, where I had eight Spades and opened 1 Spade instead of pre-empting. She had eight Diamonds, played it at 5 Diamonds. Bottom board.

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