Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bridge Blog 607: Out with a whimper

          The last day of November did nothing to improve my figures for the month. It goes down in history as 16.70. Marilyn Sultz and I came in either last or next-to-last with a 42.5%. Where did we go wrong? Let’s take a quick look at this 6 ½ table game and see. Top on a board is 5.
          Round 1 (Nancy Acara & Beverly Dale): 6.5 out of 15, or 43.33%. Took a bottom board on a bad 2 Heart bid that went down two.
          Round 2 (Jerry Geiger & Barbara Libby): 6.5, or 43.33% again. Another bottom board here, but there might have been two of them if they bid their sure game on the first hand.
          Round 3 (Bill Boardman & Pawan Matta): 6.5, or 43.33%. Still another bottom board, this time because I bid with too much weakness.
          Round 4 (Judi Marshall & Jim Mathis): 2, or 13.33%. Toughest pair in the room, but overbidding on our part didn’t help, especially the 3 NT down four.
          Round 5 (Ginny Panaro & Doug Dean): 5, or 33.33%. Fifth bottom board in five rounds is a 4 Heart bid on a hand where everyone else stops short of game and makes 3 Hearts.
          Round 6 (Celine Murray & Paul Libby): 9, or 60%. At last, a top board when I make an overtrick at 3 NT, an ill-advised contract that should have gone down two.
          Round 7 (Chuck Schorr & Judy Kaprove): 6.5, or 43.33%.
          Round 8: Our third-best round. We have a sit-out.
          Round 9 (Judy Zeckhauser & June Feuerstein): 9, or 60%. We stop bidding and play defense on all three hands.

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