Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bridge Blog 608: It comes but once a year

          The universe tried to keep me from going to the annual Unit 116 holiday lunch, meeting and game on Sunday at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Union Road in Cheektowaga, but I was adamant. Go to the art-studio open house along Elmwood with my significant other? No. Cancel so I could attend a memorial service at 4 p.m.? No, no, no. And no regrets, either.
          Not long after I arrive, board member Sue Neubecker hands me a holiday gift bag and after I tell her the News won’t allow me to accept gifts, I unwrap it. It’s a package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, making up for the cream cheese I purchased from the deli next door when supplies ran out too soon at the last sectional tournament there. Perfect. Thank you, Sue.
          And then during the meeting, when they’re recognizing new life masters, they call my name. My life master hat trick last November (basic, bronze and silver all at once) must not have been reported in time for last year’s honors, so here we are. My trophy? A little “I Love Bridge” patch.
          Finally, the game. Dotty May and I haven’t had great games together recently, but this time we clicked, starting with a 71.11% round against Carol Bedell and Marietta Kalman. We finished first in the B strat in our section, second in B in overall and fourth among all players with 62.58%. Best game I’ve had since my winning streak ended in the middle of November. The points were worthwhile, too. 2.60.
          The food also was worthwhile. Beef on weck, potato and pasta salads, a green salad and a ton of desserts and cookies. I dug repeatedly into Carolyn Siracuse’s excellent cheesecake. In fact, I got the last piece.

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