Friday, December 23, 2011

Bridge Blog 491: Sour patch

          Mike Silverman and I have done well together in the past and something in me thinks we always should do well together. Even so, we knew we were having a sour day Friday in the 11½ table game at the Bridge Center of Buffalo. It started in the first hand against Bob Feasley and Elaine Universal. Declarer at 4 Spades, I went down one on a bad break in trump, which I could have avoided by finessing Elaine. Then again, I’d stand a better chance in No Trump. So 2.5 points out of a possible 8. Then Mike allows an extra trick to get away in a 3 Heart contract on the third hand. Down two. An absolute bottom board. Out of a possible 24 points in the first round, we get 4.
          We never recover. I cap it off in the final round against Harry Cheung and Liz Clark by pushing Mike’s weak 2 Spade bid to 4 Spades, doubled not vulnerable, rightly figuring that Harry and Liz will make 3 No Trump vulnerable. Trouble is, I have only a singleton Ace of Spades and the rest of the trump breaks 5-1. Down four. Another bottom board. We also had two slams bid and made against us. We finish with 40.74%, not last North-South, but just barely, thanks to Betty Bronstein and Christy Kellogg, who have 40.37%. Only one East-West did worse than us – Joyce Greenspan and Nadine Stein, who posted the lowest score I’ve ever seen in a club match: 21.30%. Mike and I did our part. We got 18.5 out of a possible 24 game points against them.

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