Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bridge Blog 481: Hot and cold

Sometimes I do really well with my Wednesday partner, Celine Murray. Sometimes we are really horrid. We did some of both in Wednesday’s two STaC games at the Airport Bridge Club.
Sitting East-West in the morning, we were half on offense, half on defense, and had a good time, finishing with a 59.87% game. First in A and B in our direction; 1.5 silver points at the club. Even our bad hands didn’t hurt us (see Blog 480).
But the breaks that went our way in the morning did not follow us in the afternoon when we sat North-South. Out of 24 boards, we were defenders on 16 and our opponents seemed to find their best games when they came to our table, making overtricks or simply resisting the urge to overbid. Three 2 No Trump contracts were successfully played against us. And nowhere did we have a chance to beat a double, like I did in the morning when Joyce Greenspan plopped the red penalty card down on one of my 4 Spade gambles.  We finished dead last North-South, but at least we avoided falling into the 30% range – 40.51%.
District 5 continues to be on the ball today. The Wednesday morning composite scores are posted. Celine and I were sixth overall, but first in the B strat in the district. Our 1.5 silver points suddenly turned into 4.92. That’s 10.39 for the week so far, if my math is right.
Sounds good, but it pales in comparison to the week that Jerry Geiger is having. He won 12.04 points Monday morning, another 2.25 Monday evening, 3.16 Tuesday morning and 4.75 Tuesday afternoon.

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