Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bridge Blog 446-A: BFS 3 -- The other game

          Should I take my Walkman so I can follow the Bills game? No. But Stan Kozlowski does. Well, not a Walkman. One of those Sony headphone radios. No score, he reports between games around 1:30. At the lunch break, it’s around halftime and the score is Raiders 21, Bills 3. No need to go to the car and listen.
          Ken Meier and tournament director Dick Rasmus assess the team at the director’s table. Ken says they’ll win six or seven games. Dick says no, just four, including the one they’ve won already.
          Did you hear about the game, Monica asks when I get home. They were losing, right? So I didn’t pay any attention. No, she says. It was amazing. They won, 38-35.

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