Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bridge Blog 438: Slump

I didn’t realize how deep my late summer funk had gotten until the fourth week of August, when I was sitting with about half a dozen points and was way down the list in the monthly master point race at the Airport Bridge Club. If I recall correctly, that was when I was tied for 33rd place with Joe Rooney, who hasn’t been playing much this month.
It started on Saturday the 20th, actually, the day after I skipped bridge to play my first round of golf of the year. Paired with a really good player, Judi Marshall, who also didn’t have a partner, we had a 43.65% game. Not last, but way below what we both expected. She apologized repeatedly for playing badly, but I wondered – was it her or was it me?
The next week was a litany of mediocrity and noble misses. After a 51.44% game with Usha Khurana on Monday, I assured her we did really well as she acknowledged ruefully that if we had been in the C strat, we’d have gotten points. With Marie Suprinick on Tuesday, I was hoping to repeat our 54% effort of the previous week, but no luck. Just 42.45%. Celine Murray and I struck out on Wednesday with 47.87%. My first outing Thursday with Nancy Littenburg had promise – she usually does well – but our 49.15% was out of the money. And on Friday, Dede Kluckhohn and I had a lot of fun and wound up at exactly 50%, fourth in the A strat, second in B, for .78 point. That brought my total for the month to 8.33. As you can see, it’s nothing to write about.

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