Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bridge Blog 445-A: BFS 2 -- Afternoon delight (not)

          We vow to do better in the afternoon session and we do. But not much. 45.21%. Eighth out of 10 East-Wests. I have hopes of leapfrogging past the seventh-place 45.64% pair (Kathy Pollock and Marc Sylvester – much better players than that) when I find a discrepancy between the official score and what’s on my sheet. Tournament director Dick Rasmus looks it up and the sheet John Ziemer filled out has us down three on a 3 No Trump hand Celine played instead of the down two that I had (a difference between an absolute zero and maybe eight game points). Down two’s not asking for much. According to the hand record sheet, we’re cold for 3 NT.

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