Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bridge Blog 943: Too short

Even if February stretched out to 31 days like January, it wouldn't have helped my master point production. My midwinter slump has been total. Evidence? Three sub-40% games in the past week, just in time for the Airport Bridge Club's latest round of extra-point offerings.
Things brightened a little on the final day of the month as Dottie May and I managed 52.58% to come in fourth North-South, collecting 0.49 of a point. That was my third-best game in the past four weeks, which shows just how low things have been.
It brought my point total at the Airport Club to an anemic 4.71 for the month. But wait! I have Canadian points to add – 0.52 from the St. Catharines Sectional and another 0.69 from the Bridge Centre of Niagara. Still pretty bleak though, even for a February.
Here are recent Febs:
2016 – 8.68.
2015 – 1.84 (undergoing chemo).
2014 – 6.85.
2013 – 17.52.

2012 – 10.32.

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