Monday, February 13, 2017

Bridge Blog 941: Short Ain't Sweet

February is short in more ways than one. After that jump start in January, master point production is wayyyy down. The summary so far:
Feb. 1 with Tish Schiffman, 50%, no points.
Feb. 2 with Marietta Kalman, 40.49%, no points.
Feb. 3 with Selina Volpatti, 54.01%, 0.44 of a point in St. Catharines.
Feb. 4 with Denise Slattery, 47.98%, no points in the ACBL International Fund Game, one of the few extra-point opportunities this month.
Feb. 6 with Nadine Stein, low for the month so far, 37.50%.  
Feb. 7 with Dottie May, 51.69%, but no points.
Feb. 8 with June Feuerstein, back from her cruise around the tip of South America, 42.71%, but stratification allows us to be second in C, 0.22 of a point.
Feb. 9 with Marietta Kalman, best game of the month so far, 63.51%, first overall, 1.5 points.
Feb. 10 with Selina Volpatti in the St. Catharines Sectional, 49.24% in the afternoon open pairs, 0.52 of a silver point.
Feb. 11 with Selina in the Sectional again, 44.71% in the afternoon A/X pairs.
Feb. 13 with Florence Boyd, 52.27%, 0.41 of a point.

If my math is correct, the mid-Feb total is 3.09. Double digits this month?  It'll take a miracle.   

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