Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bridge Blog 936: Heat Wave

Could be my hottest January ever. That monthly goal of 15 points was well behind me when I went into the Buffalo Winter Sectional Tournament and added another 5.97 silver points to the total. And then there were the final two extra-point games of the month at the Airport Bridge Club.
The miracle of stratification smiled on me and partner Nadine Stein on Monday. Finishing only at 49.58%, we still were second in the B strat North-South and picked up 0.62 of a point.

Tuesday was a very different story. Ruth Wurster and I sailed to a 60.52% finish, first overall in a seven-table game, collecting 2.48 points. Total for the month may turn out to be around 25. Good thing, too. Looks like extra-point games of any sort will be scarce in February. 

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