Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bridge Blog 935: Buffalo Winter Sectional Roundup

Hindsight can be sobering. Initially, I felt good about the 5.97 points I earned in the Buffalo Winter Sectional Tournament last weekend in the Main-Transit Fire Hall Social Hall in Amherst. Then I look at the list of point winners and it's small beans.
I'm 32nd overall, just ahead of Stan Kozlowski (5.68) and Walt Olszewski (5.60), but well behind Raj Puri, whom I gave a ride home Saturday evening. He's sitting 31st with 6.69 points.
Top of the heap is someone we don't usually see there – Liz Clark, with 19.97 points. She collected 11 of those points by winning the two-session pairs game Saturday with Barbara Libby and another 7.01 by coming in second in the Swiss teams game on Sunday.
Other point leaders included Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargeshimer, tied with 18.73; Bud Seidenberg,  part of the winning Sunday Swiss team, 18.28; Dian Petrov, 17.57; Kathy Pollock, 16.76; Saleh Fetouh, 15.54, also one of the Sunday Swiss winners; and Judy Padgug, 15.22.
In all, 135 players earned 588.20 points and the tournament filled 145 tables. How does this compare with previous winter sectionals?
2016 – 137 players earned 594.02 points, 136 tables. Big winner: Saleh Fetouh, 27.01 points.
2015 – 162 players earned 646.48 points, 156 tables. Big winner: Bud Seidenberg, 32.32 points.
2014 – 142 players earned 441.30 points, 132 tables. Big winner: Davis Heussler, 13.70 points.
2013 – 162 players earned 526.56 points, 151 tables. Big winner: Saleh Fetouh, 19.04 points.

2012 – 145 players earned 508.52 points, 133 tables. Big winner: Saleh Fetouh again, 20.58 points. 

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