Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bridge Blog 937: Error in our favor

I don’t usually check the results at the Bridge Centre of Niagara in St. Catharines, Ont. Don't need to. Scorekeeping there is electronic. Since East or West approves what North puts into the clicker, that should be the last word, right?
Nonetheless, at the end of the game there Friday, with Selina Volpatti and me finishing fifth North-South, I looked over the scores and found one amiss. The opponents had been credited with making a 3 Diamond contract. On my scorecard, I had them down one, with a notation that we should have set them by two tricks.
Director Diane Kunselman was dubious. And our opponents on that round had already left. Brian Macartney said he could catch up with them at a bar, but we both noted that the hand record says East-West should only make one Diamond on that board. So down one it was. The difference of three more match points boosted us from 53.04% to 54.01%, from fourth place in the B strat to fourth place in the A strat, and from 0.28 of a master point to 0.46 of a master point.
That fraction represents the only points I’ve earned so far in February. I had high hopes for the ACBL-wide International Fund game on Saturday, where a score over 60% would be rewarded with extra points on a district level. Partner Denise Slattery and I stood at 62.5% after two rounds and 59.73% one round later, but then we hit the skids against the Weltes, who were the big winners, and, a couple rounds later, against John Ziemer and Judi Marshall, who came in second.

 Our 43.98% wasn’t last. We were seventh out of 10 pairs, but only a percentage point behind the B strat pair who won points despite their low score. Had we taken one more trick somewhere, or bid accurately on one of those games, that would have been us. 

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