Monday, February 13, 2017

Bridge Blog 940: St. Catharines Sectional Roundup

Did Buffalo players have much of a presence in the St. Catharines Sectional Tournament this year? Not much, aside from Bert Hargeshimer and Christy Kellogg, who notched 11.68 points and tied for 29th. Bert and Christy played all three days and finished fourth overall in the Sunday Swiss teams game.
I certainly had little impact in my Friday and Saturday afternoon appearances in the pairs games. My 0.52 points left me tied for 337th, along with partner Selina Volpatti and two ladies from Puslinch, Ont. (Where is Puslinch, you ask? Out in the country on Highway 6 south of Guelph, just below the 401.)
Other Buffalonians showing up included Kathy Pollock and Chongmin Zhang, both 7.05 points, tied for 55th; Dian Petrov, 4.67, 85th; Mohan Prabhu, Dian's partner in the pairs, 3.10, 106th; Linda Burroughsford and Judy Padgug, both 3.07, tied for 110th; and Davis Heussler, Dan Gerstman and Brian Meyer, all at 1.78, tied for 183rd.
Overall winners were a pair from Oakville, Debbie Feldman and Christopher Cowan, with 35.06 points. They picked up 16.23 on the winning Sunday Swiss team and the other 18.83 coming in second in the Saturday A/X pairs. Tied for third were players we see at the St. Catharines club, Diane Gordon and Andrew Russell, with 32.33. In all, 338 players earned points.

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