Friday, January 31, 2014

Bridge Blog 737: Lucky

The omens weren’t good. My hair appointment ran half an hour longer than I expected. Partner Selina Volpatti hit some kind of big rock in the Thorold Tunnel under the Welland Canal, which was reduced to one lane for road work.
Though I didn’t get to cross the Peace Bridge until 11:56 a.m. and raced along at 130 kmh, reducing my usual 30 minute run from the bridge to 26 minutes, my worries were over when I got to St. Catharines and tucked into the special lunch – butter tarts to die for.
But Selina fretted throughout the game about what kind of damage she’d done to her new RAV 4, which has only 3,000 kilometers on it. I assured her that they build these things to go off-road, so unless some precious automotive fluid was leaking into the slush, the RAV was probably OK.
As for our game, we quickly went on the offensive, which is our best stance, and knocked down extra tricks on several contract, as we saw when we checked the hand record after the game. We also were tough on defense, squeezing out extra tricks there as well.
When we punched up the results on the electronic scoring device, we were third overall North-South in this 11-table game. When the scores were posted, our 59.48% was first in the B strat, as well. Our reward – 0.64 of a point. Guess we got all of our bad luck out of the way before we got there.
Add that to the 0.32 of a point I got with Dianne Bloom on Thursday and we bump the January number up a notch. Not stellar, but given the dearth of double and triple points this month, I won’t complain.

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