Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bridge Blog 735-C: Alternating currents

Sometimes this week was up, sometimes it was down. Monday was down with Marilyn Sultz, 44.68% on a day when the winners got just over 52% and seven other pairs (out of 10) were clustered right around 50%. At least we weren’t last.
Tuesday was up with Florence Boyd. 53.67% was better than we thought we did and it made us first in the B strat for 0.72 master point.
Wednesday stayed up with Celine Murray. In fact, our 56.71% was the week’s best effort. Still, we were third out of 10 pairs overall in a five-table Howell game, earning 0.50 point.
Thursday Dianne Bloom and I thought we were doing terrific, but wound up with just 47.43%. Were our last two rounds really that bad? Let’s take a look. Yes, they really were. Before we hit those final two tables, we were at 56%.
Friday in St. Catharines, in a 13-table game, Selina Volpatti and I put out a 53.53% effort, fifth in A, third in B, 0.49 of a point.
No chance to bump up totals Saturday. Bad weather depressed turnout at the Airport Bridge Club.  There were just four pairs. Two tables. No points. Twenty-seven hands in three nine-board rounds. Either you won for one game point, tied for half a point or lost for a zero. Playing with Chuck Schorr, we lost the first round, 5-4; tied the second and won the third, 5.5-3.5, finishing in second place with 51.85%.

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