Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bridge Blog 731: Not quite out with the old

The ACBL has posted its year-end master point race results, but for us players at the Airport Bridge Club, they’re not quite all there. According to the website, they haven’t been reported. So my incomplete 2013 total is 178.34, with 147.77 Ace of Clubs points.
How many did I earn at the club last month? It’s a little hard to reckon. Aside from STaC Week, my datebook indicates a grand total of 1.97 (I had a brief Santa Claus rally the week before Christmas, but it fizzled. Plus I didn’t play at all from Christmas Eve onward.)
Will it make a difference? I’m in fourth place in the Unit 116 Ace of Clubs race in the 1,000-2,500 point division. Liz Clark is third with 182.61, so there’s no catching her. Fifth-place Ken Meier might surge past me, however. He’s got 139.01.
Over in the Mini-McKenney competition, which counts all points earned everywhere, my total of 178.34 is good for seventh place, but it’s within hailing distance of sixth-place David Hemmer. He’s got 179.47.
Meanwhile, first place in my division in the Unit 116 Mini-McKenney is John Ziemer with 378.23, also with a few points pending. Only two other players in the unit earned more than he did – Chris Urbanek with 408.58 and Dan Gerstman with 446.25. Neither of them reached the Barry Crane Top 500, which lists all the leading point collectors. It took 465.90 to reach 505th place on the list.

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