Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bridge Blog 735: Also playing

The Airport Bridge Club finally posted the year-end results of its in-club master point race and it took a second glance to find my name. Eighth place. 145.07 points. Of which .02 were gold, 16.27 were red and 11.61 were silver.
I expected John Ziemer would be seven spots ahead of me in first place, but he wasn’t. Jerry Geiger instead with 269.09. John was second with 245.75, then Mike Silverman (193.54), Jim Mathis (186.16), Liz Clark (160.52), Barbara Libby (151.34) and Judi Marshall (148.69). All more astute players than me, to be sure.
As for missing points in my overall 2013 totals, all that was lacking from the Airport Club were 3.91 black points. Add that to my tally on the ACBL website and the final number would be … 182.25.

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