Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bridge Blog 736-A: Opportunity knocks

How well were Marietta Kalman and I connecting Tuesday? Consider this hand. Board 10. Start of our fourth three-board round. I’m North, Marietta is South, Bill Boardman is East and Janet Frisch is West. All are vulnerable. East is dealer. I’m holding this dog:
Spades: J-10-9-8-2; Hearts: 6; Diamond: J-10-5-2; Clubs: 8-5-3.
Bill opens 1 Club. Marietta doubles. I forget whether Janet passes or bids, but she must’ve passed, because if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have bid 1 Spade. Bill bid 2 Clubs. Marietta jumps to 3 Spades. Pass. Pass. Pass. Bill leads the Ace of Clubs and Marietta puts down that big hand of hers:
Spades: Q-6-5-4; Hearts: A-Q-4; Diamonds: A-K-Q-8-4; Clubs: 10.
All East-West is that Ace of Clubs and the Ace-King of Spades. We make an overtrick. Last thing I expected with a crummy hand like mine. Here are the other hands:
Spades: A-7; Hearts: K-8-3; Diamonds: 7-3; Clubs: A-K-Q-J-6-4.
Spades: K-3; Hearts: J-10-9-8-7-2; Diamonds: 9-6; Clubs: 9-7-2.
As I was reviewing this hand after the game, one of the East-West pairs, Linda Milch and Sharon Chang, came over to reconstruct their play on it, as well. At their table, Linda opened the Club and South bid a Diamond, prompting Sharon to bid a Heart. When the auction reached 3 Diamonds, Linda doubled, hoping Sharon would bid again, but she left the double in. Down one vulnerable. Top board for them.
Ours, however, was not the best score North-South. One pair bid 3 Spades and made two overtricks. Another pushed East-West up to 5 Clubs. Down two. Both were plus 200. Ours was plus 170, third-best. East-West took the bid at the other four tables, making 3 Hearts or, in one case, 3 Clubs.

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