Friday, June 28, 2013

Bridge Blog 690-B: Buffalo Regional, Day 3

Our intention was to play pairs again Thursday, but at the registration table we ran into Mike Silverman and Alicia Kolipinski, who were looking to fill out their team for the two-session Swiss team game that was about to start. Better chance for gold. We signed on with them.
Who should we run into in our first round but one of the toughest A teams – Chris Urbanek, Bud Seidenberg and, at our table, John Toy and expert Jan Assini from Cleveland. They skunked us by 42 IMPs for a victory point shutout. Our second opponents were another strong team that happened to be down on its luck. At our table were Allan Beroza and John Ziemer. They shut us out on IMPs, 17-0, but translated into victory points, it was only 27-3.
We blanked a weak Toronto team in the third round, 25-0 IMPs, then hit some more experts – Mike Ryan and Jerry Geiger – who handed us yet another IMP shutout, 20-0. When we broke for dinner, we had won just one match and had only 34 victory points. On the scoring chart, we were sitting in the middle of a bunch of luckless C-strat teams. That, I told my teammates, is who we’ll play tonight.
Sure enough, we feasted on a couple of them with IMP margins of 43-0 and 17-2, which brought us up to 90 victory points, 50% of a possible 180 at that moment. We narrowly missed on the next round, losing by one IMP, then won the final round by a single IMP. Our final total – 120 victory points out of a possible 240. It had been fun, we all agreed. Much more fun than knock-outs.
I tried counting down the incomplete results on the scoring chart and determined that we could wind up as high as seventh or eighth in the B strat, which awarded gold master points to the top eight finishers. Alas, we finished ninth – five VPs below the eighth place team. Each winning round, however, was worth 0.31 red points and we won four of them. 1.24. Finally, Usha and I broke into the point column.

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