Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bridge Blog 686: Lining up the goalposts

To stay on track for Gold Life Master by 2017, it’s going to take 200+ points per year. Which means at least 17 per month. Since I have only 73.50 for the first five months of 2013, I’m lagging. Some catch-up is in order.
Can June be the 27-point month I need? Checking the monthly master point listing at the Airport Bridge Club, I find myself with 1.76 red points and 3.66 black points. Add that 5.44 to 11.61 STaC silver points and we’re at 17.05.
After a near-miss at points in a 49% game with Barbara Sadkin on Monday and an awful, awful dead-last 39.81% effort with Paul Libby on Tuesday, I felt stalled out, but Wednesday was back on track. Celine Murray and I came in  first overall in the B strat with 53.49%, earning 1.13 red points, 1.12 black.
So that’s 19.30 for the month, with the Buffalo Regional Tournament coming up next week and at least five games ahead during The Longest Day all-day bridge marathon on Friday. A 27-point June? Could be doable.

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