Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bridge Blog 685: STaC wrap-up

The 2013 Summer Sectional Tournament at the Clubs turned out to be my third-best STaC ever. Final total was 11.61 silver points, thanks to that bump of 3-plus points from the Swiss team game on Sunday. What surprised me was how high up on the list I finished – 19th! And fifth among the Buffalo players.
Leading light locally was John Ziemer, whose 22.41 points made him second only to Constance Hoechstetter of Coraopolis, Pa., who nosed him out with 22.55. Right behind him was Robert Quinlan of Pittsburgh with 22.40.
Other Buffalo players who landed in the Top 30 included Jerry Geiger, 17.28, fifth in the district; Judi Marshall, 17.08, sixth; Saleh Fetouh, 14.98, ninth; Tom Fraas, 11.55, 20th; Mike Kisiel, 10.36, 26th; and Michael Ryan, 10.16, 30th.   

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