Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bridge Blog 679: Slip-sliding out of May

The monthly updates are posted on the ACBL website for the master point races and I fear for my position in them in the wake of my dismal point production – a mere 7.90 – during the month of May.
Let’s start at the Unit 116 level, which is just Buffalo. In the Ace of Clubs race, for points earned in club play, I’ve gone down another notch to fifth place in the 1,000-2,500 point division.
Still leading the pack is John Ziemer, who’s cracked the century mark with 107.33. In fact, he has more Ace of Clubs points than anyone else in the unit. He’s followed by David Millward (85.22), Mike Silverman (79.54), Liz Clark (74.60), me (68.30), Ken Meier (63.46), Fred Yellen (51.49), Judy Padgug (42.72), Elaine Kurasiewicz (40.63) and Paul Libby (40.34).
Over in the Mini-McKenney race, which counts tournament and club points together, John Ziemer also is on top with 143.29. He’s one of only 13 players in the unit to hit triple figures so far. Meanwhile, I’ve slipped from sixth place to eighth. Here’s how we line up behind the leader:
David Hemmer (116.41), Judy Padgug (96.94), David Millward (90.61), Liz Clark (85.45), Ken Meier (81.18), Mike Silverman (80.76), me (73.50), Fred Yellen (69.44) and Paul Libby (48.60).
Taking it to the District 5 level, which includes Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and pieces of Maryland and West Virginia, Unit 116 players hold the first six spots in the Ace of Clubs race and seven of the top eight. All 10 of us are among the select 25, which cuts off at 39.68 points.
Over on the Mini-McKenney list, Ohio players sit in the top three positions – Michael Creager of Brecksville (312.56), Fleur Howard of Gates Mills (162.01) and Peter Merker of Mentor (147.86). John Ziemer is fourth. Other Unit 116 players on this list of 25 include David Hemmer (seventh), Judy Padgug (12th), David Millward (17th), Liz Clark (20th), Ken Meier (22nd) and Mike Silverman (24th). I was 16 th on this list last month. This time I fell short of the 79.86 cut-off point.
Nationally, Judy Zhu of Naperville, Ill., leads the 100-name Ace of Clubs list with 141.15, followed by Michael Vermilion of Albuquerque with 124.24 and Robert Ramos of Davie, Fla., with 119.98. John Ziemer is 14 th, David Millward is 42 nd, Mike Silverman is 62 nd, Liz Clark is 90 th. Cut-off point is 73.19.
As for the national Mini-McKenney, District 5 leader Judy Zhu is 11th. Top dogs are Jim Johnsen of San Diego with 630.35, Shan Huang of Toronto with 523.45 and Sylvia Shi of Baltimore with 387.74. No Unit 116 players on this list. It cuts off at 157.30.

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