Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bridge Blog 681: Hot STaC, cold STaC

Should I be grateful that I’ve been able to snag some silver points in at least one of the two Sectional Tournament at the Clubs (STaC) games every day at the Airport Bridge Club? Or should I be dismayed that, unlike the really good players, I can’t score silver twice in one day?
Well, as Ray Wylie Hubbard says, as long as I keep my gratitude ahead of my expectations, I’m having a good day. And so the pattern continued Wednesday with Celine Murray. Our morning game was almost brilliant – 56.67%, first in the B strat in our direction, 1.12 points – but the afternoon found us on the low end of a cluster of pairs just over 50%. Our 53.32% was out of the money.
On Thursday, the lovely Dianne Bloom said at first she didn’t want to stay for the afternoon session – she had to practice with her team for dragon boat races on Saturday – but, fortunately, she stuck around.
It would have been sad to stand with our performance in the morning, when we barely escaped being dead last with 46.90%. The afternoon found us understanding each other’s bidding better and the results reflected it. The posting of the preliminary scores showed us first East-West with more than 60%. That settled down when the rest of the hands were recorded. In the end, we had 58.26%, which made us second in the A and B strats and gave us 1.11 silver points.
Although I didn’t expect that my scores under 60% would win any bonuses district-wide, there’s more gratification when I check into the District 5 STaC website.
Tuesday afternoon with Pawan Matta (57.55%) was fifth in B districtwide, earning 1.15 points, a fraction (0.03) more than we got at the club. Wednesday morning was more rewarding. Fifth in B districtwide again, but this time it was worth 1.56 points. When results for Thursday afternoon eventually get posted, they should put me at around 5 overall.
How have previous STaCs treated me? Let’s go to the archives:
Winter 2012 – 10.37, 36th overall.
Summer 2012 – 9.28, 48th.
Winter 2011 – 13.91, 29th.
Summer 2011 – 1.92, 424th.
Winter 2010 – 7.83, 86th.
Summer 2010 – 5.06, 167th.
Winter 2009 – 5.84, tie 139th.
Summer 2009 – 13.31, 16th.
Winter 2008 – 2.27, 414th.
Summer 2008 – 6.01, tie 98th.
Winter 2007 – 4.69, tie 145th.
Summer 2007 – didn’t scratch.
Winter 2006 – 1.39, tie 613th.
Summer 2006 – 5.05, tie 129th.
Winter 2005 – 2.58, tie 318th.
Summer 2005 – 0.29, tie 1,249th.

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