Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bridge Blog 678-B: Tops and bottoms

The weather continues to blow hot and cold and so does my game. Hoping to keep the month of May from being a complete bust, I played almost every chance possible. Here’s the rundown:
Saturday, May 25, coming without a partner, played with sub Ruth Hnath in a 57.64% game, my best since coming back from a week in New York City. First in B. (Not sure of the master points.)
Monday, May 27, also without a partner for the Memorial Day double session with chicken barbecue. Paired with Bill Boardman, with whom I sometimes do very well. Morning session was great – 60.58%, first overall, 1.87 points. Afternoon session not so great – 45.92%, out of the running.
Tuesday, May 28, I managed to arrive even later than my perpetually-late partner, Barbara Sadkin. We could tell early on that it wasn’t going well. Even the hand we passed out was a bottom board. 43.06%.
Wednesday, May 29, things improved with regular Wednesday partner Celine Murray, but we were at the bottom of a cluster of pairs just over 50%. Our 51.23% was not quite good enough to scratch.
Thursday, May 30, playing with the lovely Dianne Bloom, we had hopes of beating her Wednesday partner, Jerry Geiger. Indeed, we were ahead of him by a percentage point when the partial scores were posted with two hands still playing. When those two hands came in, our positions on the score sheet were reversed. Nevertheless, Dianne and I were first in C with 50.83%, good for 0.32 of a point. Add that to my point count at the club of 6.53, in 20th place on the list of point winners in May.

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