Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bridge Blog 576: Ready or not

          Wednesday partner Celine Murray and I couldn’t possibly repeat this week’s grand success on Thursday. And we didn’t. My biggest errors – (1) jumping directly to 4 Spades with an opening hand opposite Celine’s opener, then discovering it was good for all 13 tricks, and (2) plunging ahead to 3 No Trump on another hand where the opponents got to run a six-card Spade suit.
I only played six out of 27 hands, gaining 28 game points out of a possible 48 (58.33%). Celine was declarer on six others, taking 26 out of 48 (54.16%, but it could have been better if I took her to slam on that 4 Spade hand, right?) Which means that all those hands on defense brought us down a peg, because we finished with 53.59%, third in the B strat overall, for 0.96 of a point.
The September Ace of Clubs total will have to stay at 21.59 through the weekend while I play in the Buffalo Fall Sectional Tournament. How have I done in the past few sectionals? Here’s a review of the past three years:
Spring 2012: 7.52
Winter 2012: 0.93
Fall 2011: 1.11
Spring 2011: 1.80
Winter 2011: 2.13
Fall 2010: 3.24
Spring 2010: 1.60
Winter 2010: 3.68
Fall 2009: 4.85
Average them up and it’s about 3 points per tournament. There’s a reasonable goal. At least 3.

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