Monday, September 10, 2012

Bridge Blog 569: Disaster

No, not so much at the bridge table, but on the Buffalo News  website. I’ve posted an expanded version of the duplicate bridge column on there for many moons, but now they’ve gone and switched software systems again and all the old columns have disappeared from the Internet, including the one I posted last Wednesday night before the switchover.
What’s there instead is the version that appeared in the paper on Saturday, which is greatly cut down in order to fit the little square that’s allotted to it.
The disaster? I’ve routinely copied a major chunk of info from one online week to the next, without backing them up elsewhere – the upcoming tournament schedule with links attached, the list of clubs with their hours, etc., background stuff about the column. Is this all lost? Will I have to reconstruct it this week? Aggghhh!
Wait! Maybe I can find an older column cached on Google. Nope. Here’s what I get instead:
“Please check back as we continue to upgrade this site in conjunction with a redesign.
“Story archives from The Buffalo News continue to be built out. This link will be accessible.
“Thank you for your patience.”

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