Monday, September 10, 2012

Bridge Blog 569-A: Near disaster

As for the bridge table, I thought I was playing with Judie Bailey on Monday, but when she didn’t come and I called her, she said she’d told me she couldn’t make it. This change didn’t make it into my datebook.
So I got to play with Bill Regan, a reasonable player with whom I’ve done reasonably well in the past. Bill has an agreement with his wife, Pinky, who’s a much better player, that because the average bridge player makes 10 mistakes per game, she shouldn’t criticize him until he makes No. 11.
Bill and I started off as if we weren’t going to make any mistakes. After four rounds, we were flying along at a 64.37% pace.
But then we hit the skids. Bill added a competitive bid that drove Judy Zeckhauser and Dottie Soong up to game at 5 Clubs and they made an overtrick for a 420 instead of a part score of 170. The opponents left Bill at 1 No Trump on another hand instead of finding their Spade contract like all the other East-Wests did and he went down three vulnerable for a bottom board. Nothing we could do about that. I threw away a Diamond I should have kept against a Joe Rooney 2 NT contract and he made an overtrick for top board.
When the partial scores went up, I was surprised to see us above 50%, but we stayed there, finishing with 52.31%, just barely catching some points. In fact, it was just 0.32 of a point. September total now – 13.56.

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