Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bridge Blog 575: 20-20

The partial score posted after 20 boards Wednesday at the Airport Bridge Club was a big surprise. Celine Murray and I were having an OK game … but 69%??? I was astounded. Of course, that wasn’t the whole story. We played 27 boards, including a final one against the second-place pair, Vince Pesce and Bob Andersen, in which I made a non-vulnerable 4 Spade doubled sacrifice bid against a certain 4 Heart vulnerable contract and went down one more trick (i.e., four) than I wanted to. Tie for a bottom board, but it only cost us one game point.
The final tally showed us settling back toward the pack, but Vince and Bob didn’t quite catch us. Still first overall, we come home with 64.17%, which I believe is my best game of the month, winning another 1.98 master points. September total – 20.63.

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