Friday, September 14, 2012

Bridge Blog 572: Chased by the calendar

          The winning streak has ground to a halt and suddenly that point-a-day goal for September is in jeopardy. I last scratched on Wednesday, when Celine Murray and I turned in a middling 49.68% game, sixth overall, for .25 of a point, bringing the total to 15.54.
And there it has stalled.

    Alicia Kolipinski and I stumbled to a 38.28% finish on Thursday (for a couple hands from that game, see Blogs 571 and 571-A). We were saved from dead last only by the presence of a more unfortunate pair at 37.96%. Usha Khurana and I improved on that somewhat on Friday, tying with Marilyn Sultz and Celine Murray at next to last East-West in an eight-table game with 45.03%. Maybe my luck will turn back around at the Individual Game on Saturday.

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